Tubular Padding Sock

When should it be used?

Consider using a tubular padded sock if your patient needs their toes, balls of the feet or both protecting with soft cushioning.

1 First Steps

Cut a length of tubular padding, so that it’s width allows the foot to fit in comfortably and its length reaches the midfoot.

Different sizes of tubular padding can be used, so you can best pick the one that fits your patients feet.

2 Positioning the Pad

Place the padding over the foot, and position it so that the toes are close to the edge of the pad and it fits over the ball of the foot.

Note: if you wanted to protect the top of the toes you could flip the device over, so the padded side sits on top, rather than on the ball of the foot.

3 Trimming the Pad

Carefully trim the device, so that it’s shape follows the line of the toes.

4 Final Steps

Take some pieces of strapping, and starting from one side begin to seal off the sock, until it is completely closed off.

  • Place some tension on the strapping and make sure that the non-foam part of the lining is tucked underneath.
  • It will usually take 3 or 4 pieces of strapping to finish off the sock
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