Tubular Foam Plantar Pads

When should it be used?

If your patient requires a removable pad that will protect certain areas of the foot, such as the toes or ball of the foot, then consider using tubular foam and modify it for its intended purpose.

1 First Steps

Cut a slit three quarters of the way down the side of a piece of tubular foam.

Note: If you would like to use this device to treat bunions, then you can stop at this step and place the cylindrical part of the pad over the toe.

2 Incisions

Once you’ve done this turn your scissors 90 degrees and make a small cut on both sides.

3 Rounding the corners

Round off all the remaining square corners.

You can also bevel the edges, although this is less necessary on softer materials.

4 Fitting the Pad

Open the pad out and place the cylindrical part of the pad over the toes.

The ball of the foot should be cushioned by the rest of the pad.

5 Additional Steps

If you want to offload pressure from certain areas of the foot, you can adapt the device by sticking an extra pad to it (such as a PMP pad).

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