Silicone Interdigital Wedge

When should it be used?

If you have a patient whose toes are rubbing together, then consider using a silicone interdigital wedge.

1 Mixing the Silicone

Start by taking your silicone and mix in your catalyst by rubbing it into a ball between your hands.

2 Fitting the Wedge

Place the wedge in between the two toes that need separating (if the patient were to have a corn for instance).

  • Make the device before you remove the corn as it will make an indentation in the device, which will result in better pressure relief.

3 Moulding the Silicone

Squeeze the top and bottom of the wedge, as it’s between the toes, to ensure that it is being spread along the length of the toe.

4 Make a mark

Make a small mark on the top of the wedge, so that the patient knows which way round it goes when they go to take it on and off.

  • If the patient has two devices. then make two marks in the first and one mark in the second.

5 Leave to set

Leave the device to set.

  • Adjustments can be made to the device once it has hardened, such as using a drill to create a bigger cavity or shortening its length.
  • To prevent the device from deforming, make sure that it has set completely before removing it from the foot.
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