Replaceable Toe Prop

When should it be used?

This pad is a removable version of the toe prop and should be used to reduce your patient’s toe clawing and pressure on the toe apices.

1 First Steps

Take a piece of felt padding, sized so that it will fit underneath the toes and wrap a toe loop around one end of it.

  • The two ends of the toe loop should meet and be attached to the sticky side of the pad.

2 Attaching the Pad

Next fold the pad in half, so that the toe loop is encased between the two sides of the prop.

3 Bevel and fit the Pad

Bevel any sharp corners or edges.

You can then slide the toe loop over 1 or more of the toes, with the padded side sitting underneath.

4 Method 2

Another way of making a replaceable toe prop, is by taking a smaller prop and sticking it to the centre of a toe loop.

5 Next Steps

After this, take a piece of tubular bandage and pull it down over the existing toe loop.

6 Fitting the Pad

Wrap the toe loop around the toes and secure with tape.

7 Method 3

Take a longer felt pad and attach a toe loop around one end of it.

8 Roll the Pad

Roll the prop around the toe loop.

  • Be careful to avoid catching the adhesive on the toe loop

9 Fitting the Loop

Place the toe prop around the toe, with the padded side protecting the desired area.

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