Silicone Toe Crescent

When should it be used?

Consider using this pad to prevent the tops of your patient’s toes from rubbing against their shoes (if they had a corn for instance).

1 Mixing the Silicone

Fold the silicone base around the catalyst and begin rolling into a ball, until it starts to firm and is evenly mixed.

2 Placing the Device

Loop the silicone around the top of the toe, feeding it between the toes on either side.

3 Moulding the Silicone

Tease the silicone into position by putting slight pressure onto the device.

  • Make sure it forms nicely around the area that requires pressure relief.
  • Ensure you don’t make the device too thin between the toes as it will wear out quicker.

4 Leave to set

Leave the device to set and then remove it from the foot.

  • Make sure the device isn’t removed too early or it will stretch out of shape.
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