Replaceable Double Wing Plantar Cover

When should it be used?

This pad is a removable version of the double wing plantar cover and should be used to offload your patient’s first & fifth metatarso-phalangeal joints.

1 First Steps

Start by using the same shaped pad as you would for a normal double winged plantar cover, but this time, flip it over before cutting, so that the paper backing is facing away from the foot.

2 Fitting Toe Loops

Next take two toe loops (there’s a video on how to make these on the homepage), with one being placed around the big toe, with the other going around toes 4 and 5.

3 Making the Pad

Peel off the paper backing and secure it to the toe straps.

Make sure there’s a bit of tension in the toe straps.

4 Covering the Pad

Make sure the loop is fully secured by covering with felt, tape or some fleecy web.

In the demonstration Jonathan attaches some fleecy web to the sticky side of the pad.

5 Trimming the Pad

After this trim the covering material along all the edges so that there’s no excess material.

Make sure you don’t snag the toe loops when doing this, so pull them back as your cutting around them.

6 Securing the Pad

Attach the pad to the foot by placing the toe loops round the toes, which should secure the pad in place.

A single toe loop over the middle toe(s) together with an elastic net band around the foot can be used instead of 2 toe loops.

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