Double Wing Plantar Cover

When should it be used?

If you have a patient who needs two of their metatarsal heads offloading then consider using a double wing plantar cover.

1 First Steps

Cut a pad to the shape of the ball of the foot, making sure it aligns to the base of the toes.

You should top bevel the pad.

2 Cutting the Wing

Make a wing, using an under bevelled cut, into the area of the pad where the metatarsal head needs offloading.

In the demonstration Jonathan is offloading the first metatarsal head.

3 The Double Wing

Cut another wing into the opposite side of the pad.

In the demonstration Jonathan is offloading the fifth metatarsal by doing this.

4 Final Steps

Peel off the paper backing and attach the pad to the foot. Proceed to apply more strapping so that it remains in place.

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