Simple U Pad

When should it be used?

If you have a patient who requires a pressure area of their foot offloading, then consider using a U shaped pad.

1 First Steps

Take a square piece of semi compressed felt and round off two of the corners.

2 Bevel the pad

Top bevel all the way around the pad.

3 Cutting a U Shape

Starting slightly off centre, under bevel a U shape into the pad.

A tip when doing this is to feed the pad around, while keeping the scissors still.

4 Offload the Area

Peel off the paper backing of the pad and apply it around the area that you want offloading.

5 Final Steps

Next, take 2 pieces of strapping, held together and fold them in half. Cut around the strapping so that there are no sharp corners left.

This strapping can then be used to secure the padding to the foot.

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