Interdigital Wedge

When should it be used?

If you have a patient whose toes are rubbing together, then consider using an interdigital wedge.

1 Shaping the Pad

Use a felt prop and cut it to either the length or the half length of the toe, depending on your patient’s needs.

  • Jonathan uses a semi compressed felt pad in the demonstration.
  • You can bevel the edges of the pad to suit your patients needs.

2 Cutting the Crescent Arc

Place the sharp point of your scissors into the pad gently. From the point of entry and using small motions cut a circle into the pad. 

Peel out the plug of felt material so that you have a hole, or cavity in the pad.

3 Final Steps

Peel off the paper backing and secure the pad between the toes that are rubbing together.

You can then secure it in place with either tape or tubular bandage. 


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