Toe Separator Pads

When should it be used?

If you have a patient whose toes are rubbing together, causing potential problems such as corns, then consider using a toe separator pad.

1 Half Interdigital Wedge

The first toe separator that you can manufacture is the half interdigital wedge, which is a small, square pad made of semi compressed felt.

The pad should be placed, just behind the rubbing spot on the toes.
You can bevel the sides of the pad if needs be.

2 Dumbbell Pad

The second pad you can make is a webbing, dumbbell pad. This is also made of semi compressed felt but starts off rectangular and slightly longer than an interdigital wedge.

To shape the pad cut two small bevels into the long sides of the rectangles.

  • The pad should be placed into the webbing between two toes that are rubbing together.
  • You can bevel the sides if necessary.
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