Isometric Seated Calf Raise

Key notes

  • Type of exercise: Isometric
  • Muscles used:Soleus
  • Good for: Developing strength, building confidence to load achillies
  • When to use during rehab: Early stages

Equipment options

If you’re doing this exercise with a patient in clinic, you’ll need a squat rack and an Olympic bar. If you don’t have access to these or your patient is doing the exercise at home, they can use two tables and a broom pole instead.


  1. Have your patient sit down, with their knees placed underneath the Olympic bar.
  2. Make sure that their toes are on the floor and have them push up against the squat rack as hard as possible.
  3. Have them do this for roughly 30 seconds and then have them relax.

Escalating difficulty

Repeat the exercise with your patient, but this time, place a gym step below their toes and have them push up against the bar once again.

  • Have them do this for 30 seconds
  • The step allows for the ankle to be trialled in a different position.
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