Rehabilitation Gym

This rehabilitation gym will be your guide on how to conduct different isometric, isotonic, plyometric, and coordination exercises with your patients. Created by Andrew Ayres, you’ll be shown various exercises that your patients can do both in clinic at home, as well as some tips and tricks on how to progress them through their rehabilitation journey.

Seated Isometric Calf Raise

Advanced Standing Calf Raise

Tibial Anterior Strength Exercise

Tibial Anterior Isometric

Isometric Toe Flexor

Ankle Stability

Standing Calf Raise

Tibialis Posterior Strength Exercise

Toe Flexor Strength

Advanced Peroneal Isotonic Strength

Advanced Tibialis Posterior Strength Isotonic

Side Step Farmers Walk

Easy Balance & Co-ordination

Advance Single Leg Balance

Star Balance Drill

Tibialis Posterior Heel Raises

Peroneal Heel Raises

Advanced Ankle Stability

Easy Plyometric

Advanced Plyometric & Coordination

Depth Drop

Depth Jump

Easy Bunny Hops

Advanced Bunny Hops

Complex Bunny Hops

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