Easy Bunny Hops

Key notes

  • Type of exercise: Plyometric
  • Primary Muscles used: Gastrocnemius and soleus.
  • Good for: Developing elastic recoil and power.
  • When to use during rehab: End

Equipment options

If you’re doing this exercise with a patient in clinic, it’s best to use a set of short hurdles. If the patient is doing this exercise at home, they can use any selection of thin or narrow objects to hop over instead.


  1. Layout the hurdles in a line, ensuring there is a small gap between each of them.
  2. Next, have the patient jump over each of the hurdles, with their feet together. Ensure they don’t pause in between jumps as this exercise should be done in one fluid motion.

Escalating Difficulty

If you want to make the exercise more difficult, have the patient do the exercise on one leg. The motion of the exercise remains the same, meaning they should still be jumping in a straight line, without any pauses between hops.

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