Easy Balance and Co-ordination

Key notes

  • Type of exercise: Balance and co-ordination
  • Muscles used: Focuses on ankle stabilisers Tibialis Posterior, peroneus longus and peroneus brevis
  • Good for: Developing motor control (co-ordination) and building confidence to load the limb.
  • When to use during rehab: Early stages

Equipment options

The only equipment you’ll need for this exercise is a weight. This can be any sort, although a weight plate may be best. If the patient is doing this exercise at home, then a weighted object such as a filled rucksack can be used instead.


  1. Have the patient stand on one leg and look straight ahead. For people who have had lateral ankle sprains, this is a good way of getting them used to putting weight on one leg.
  2. Have them hold this position for a number of seconds, before allowing them to relax and put their foot back down to the floor.

Escalating Difficulty

To escalate the difficulty of this exercise, have the patient hold onto a weight as they are stood on one leg and get them to pass it around their body. Ensure that they do this both clockwise and counterclockwise so that they don’t get too used to one motion.

    • This will move their centre of mass slightly and will cause their foot to wobble from side to side.
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