Advanced Tibialis Posterior Strength Isotonic

Key notes

  • Type of exercise: Isotonic Strength
  • Muscles used: Tibialis posterior
  • Good for: Building strength in tibialis posterior and improving co-ordination and foot/ankle stability
  • When to use during rehab: Mid stages

Equipment options

If you’re doing this exercise with a patient in clinic, you’ll need an exercise step as well as something that will assist their balance (such as a broom handle). If the patient is doing this exercise at home, they can stand on a step and use a chair or wall to support themselves.


  1. Have your patient place half their foot on the exercise step (this should be their little toe side), while their other leg hangs free.
  2. Next, have them invert their foot for 2-3 seconds and then evert their foot for the same amount of time.

Escalating Difficulty

To make the exercise more difficult, have the patient abduct their foot slightly (so there is less heel on the step) and redo the excerice.

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