Plantarflexor Toe Strap

When should it be used?

If you have a patient who needs one of their toes plantarflexed, then consider using this toe strap.

1 Starting Steps

Create a long toe loop (you can find a video on how to do this on the home page), and centre of it around the toe that needs to be plantar flexed.

2 Measuring the Toe Loop

Take one end of the loop and wrap it around the hallux, and then take the other end and wrap it around two of the lesser toes. The more that you plantar flex the toe the closer the joining point is between the two ends of the toe loop.

  • Judge the overlap by how much you want the toe to be forced downwards.
  • In the video, Jonathan uses animal wool to make the toe loop in the demonstration.

3 Taping the Toe Loop

Once you have placed the toe in the proper position, remove the toe loop and tape the two ends together, making sure they are overlapping by the desired amount.

4Fitting the Toe Loop

Reapply the finished toe loop so that it retains the intended toe into its new plantarflexed position.

  • This can be fiddly to do, so show the patient how to apply it.
  • If more plantarflexion of the toe is required, or if the loop stretches, then it can be applied around more or fewer toes.
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