Heel Pad

When should it be used?

If your patient has a painful heel lesion, such as a verruca or Policeman’s heel (plantar calceaneal bursitis), then consider using a heel pad.

1 First Steps

Start by cutting a piece of material to the width of the heel.

In the demonstration Jonathan uses semi compressed felt

2 Rounding the Corners

After this, round off two of the corners so that the pad mimics the shape of the heel

3 Bevel the pad

Lastly, bevel the pad all the way around, and it can now be placed on the heel as a flat heel pad.

Offloading an area

1 Offloading the Heel

If you wish to offload a certain area of the heel, start by holding the pad with your fingers, making sure that you are not holding the centre of the pad.

2 Scissor Placement

Take the sharp edge of your scissors and push it through the centre of the pad, while being careful to avoid your fingers.

3 Create a Hole

Nibble your scissors in a circular motion, creating a hole in the centre of the pad.

4 Placing the Pad

Peel off the paper backing and offload the area by placing the pad on the foot. This can be secured with strapping if needed.

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