Bunion Protector

When should it be used?

If you have a patient that requires the reduction of friction on an area of their foot then consider using this pad.

1 First Steps

Start by cutting a piece of fleecy web into an egg-shape.

  • As the material is thin you don’t have to bevel it.

2 Fold the Tape

Next, take two pieces of tape, that are roughly the same length, and fold them in half.

3 Cut the Tape

Proceed to cut the tape, so that there is a slight curve to the edges.

  • When you unfold the pieces of tape they should be banana shaped.

4 Placing the Pad

Once you’ve completed the previous steps, peel off the paper backing of the fleecy web and place it over the bunion area you wish to protect.

5 Final Steps

To prevent the pad from moving, take the precut pieces of tape and place them over the pad.

  • The shaping of the tape means that it will better contour the curves of the foot.
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