Bunion Aperture Pad

When should it be used?

If you have a patient that requires a bunion offloading to prevent rubbing in footwear then consider using a bunion aperture pad.

1 First Steps

Start by taking a piece of semi-compressed felt and round off all of the corners.

  • Note the pad should end up oval shaped once you’ve done this
  • It can also be tapered at one end making it more egg shaped

2 Bevelling the Pad

Create a top bevel around the edge of the pad.

3 Pie Crust Bevelling

After you’ve completed the previous step, proceed to add a pie crust bevel around the edge of the pad.

4 Creating a Cavity

In the centre of the cover, create a cavity using small snipping motions, remaining careful not to poke your scissors through the pad completely.

  • If you wish to make an aperture, then this can be done by cutting a hole into the centre of the pad, rather than just a cavity.

5 Final Steps

Peel off the paper backing and attach the pad so that the cavity or aperture fits over the bunion.

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