Silicone Combination Pad

When should it be used?

Silicone can be used to make any shape, including complex designs where multiple different pads are built into one device. In this example, Jonathan combines a toe prop, interdigital wedge, and dorsal crescent.

1 Mix the Silicone

Take a piece of semi-compressed felt and cut a pad to the shape of the middle 3 metatarsals.

The paper backing needs to be facing away from the foot to make it replaceable.

2 Create the Dorsal Crescent

Flatten the silicone slightly with your fingers and place it over the top of the toe, creating a dorsal crescent.

3 Create the Interdigital Wedge

Next, bring the silicone down between the toes to create an interdigital wedge.

4 Create the Toe Prop

Lastly, complete the device by folding the remaining silicone around the bottom of the toes, creating a prop.

5 Shape the Device

Lightly tap the silicone into the desired shape using your fingers.

Make sure that underneath the foot, there’s no extra pressure being placed on the fat pad anteriorly.

6 Leave to Set

Leave the pad to set, at which point it can be taken off and placed back on the foot.

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