Masterclass courses

Osgo is proud to announce the first in our series of masterclass courses, a new initiative where we team up with the biggest names in podiatry to produce in-depth courses that provide you with a deep understanding of the clinical skills and thoughts processes that our thought-leaders have developed in their chosen specialties. Their remarkable expertise is exposed through long-form course contents where we combine video, text, imagery, and interactive exercises to really focus on the learning outcome.

Nick Knight’s Getting patients back to their normal 

Getting patients back to their normal by Nick Knight MSK/ Sports podiatrist certainly marks the way for this new initiative. Throughout the 9 modules and 33 units, Nick shares his wealth of knowledge to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to progress your patient from injury back to their normal, whether that’s walking to the shops or running that 10k.

Nick walks you through the full rehabilitation process 1 short video at a time, with the ability to revisit any of the course units to refresh your memory whenever you like. By the end of the course you will be left with the confidence and capability to successfully rehabilitate your patients.

More exciting news to come 

So, keep a lookout for more of the same to come, we have some exciting collaborations in the pipeline. As always, our key focus is to help you, our members, and of course your businesses in every way possible, and helping you better serve your patients in clinic is a great way to do that very thing.

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