Introducing PodKits

Introducing PodKits, Osgo’s new initiative for compliance members.
What’s a PodKit?
PodKits are an open resource to be utilised as and when you need them. Pick and choose what you want to recap or use it as a library to increase your knowledge.
Padding Techniques
The Padding Techniques PodKit provides members with the confidence to use the demonstrated methods and techniques to help patient care with bunions, arch pads, and more, even including the treatment of difficult feet where combination pads might be needed. It covers:
•A look at materials and the ideal use for each
•Ground knowledge to improve your padding
•Padding techniques for all areas of the foot
•Combination padding for maximum comfort and solutions for difficult feet
Navigate your way through the simple to more advanced padding techniques for all types of conditions and arm yourself with the skills and knowledge you can put into practice.
There’s more to come
The new PodKit range is part of the Compliance Membership and will be expanded moving forwards, aiming to provide a reference and learning area built for Podiatrists.
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